About Us

SPENCO brings innovative solutions together with industry-leading technology and wide-ranging expertise.


We’re Different


We apply creative solutions to real estate challenges. Time is always of the essence in the commercial real estate world, so you can’t afford to miss an opportunity. SPENCO positions itself at the heart of where you want to be, allowing you to capitalize on opportunities other companies miss. Our experts stand ready to help analyze every potential investment, identifying risks factors and ensuring that you maximize the likelihood of long-term positive returns.


SPENCO is bringing a different mindset to meeting the requirements of commercial and residential investors. From our inception, SPENCO is casting aside the traditional thinking that has reinforced the status quo in the industry. We are an organization designed around a virtual platform, which allows our team members to situate themselves throughout our footprint, encouraging collaboration and time in the field.


SPENCO is embracing the new world order of marketing. Real estate marketing, particularly on the commercial side, hasn’t always responded nimbly as the world has changed around it. We’re working directly with the companies leading change in the industry, while developing proprietary back end systems that will enable us to leverage these platforms for the mutual benefit of SPENCO and our clients.


the Principal-Agent Problem

We believe the agent's success should be aligned with the client's success.

One of the primary drawbacks of the brokerage model is that agents are inherently driven by short-term rewards – getting listings, closing sales, building their personal book of business. There can sometimes be a disconnect between the success drivers for the agent, those of the company, and those of the client. Therefore, our goal from the outset has been to create a company that incents agents to think like principals. We want them to have a stake in the success of the company and to see a direct line between the success of their clients, the success of our company, and their long-term financial well-being.



Virtual First

Company is based on a virtual model, providing flexibility and cost savings for agents


Healthcare options leverage eXp's status as one of the largest and fastest growing agent teams in the industry

Company Stock

Build ownership and a financial stake in the company with stock ownership programs

Incentive Plans

Cash and stock based incentive programs rewarding sales, mentorship, and outreach



We are actively seeing to expand our presence in markets around the country

We are reimagining the world of real estate. If you are an experienced and forward-thinking agent that wants to drive change rather than react to it, we want to talk to you.