4 Commercial Real Estate Predictions for 2022

A rising tide lifted most boats, but not equally. Industrial and multifamily are riding high.

Another article with some predictions regarding what the commercial real estate industry can expect to see in 2021 and 2021. No surprises, really...industrial and multifamily should continue to shine, while retail and office will likely be hit or miss. Reported by The Motley Fool on 12/6/2021:

While a rising tide lifts all boats, not all boats are created equal. That's the case in commercial real estate (CRE). Nearly every segment of the vast industry showed recovery from the initial shock of the pandemic-induced shutdowns, but some improved way more than others.

And the factors that influenced the kind of year each of these verticals had in 2021 will continue into the new year, including logistics issues, labor shortages, travel restrictions, inflation, and the immutable law of supply and demand. Especially demand.