What Is The Investment Potential Of The Atlanta Metro Area

Analysis of Atlanta multifamily real estate as city rebounds from pandemic

Article by founder of Vive Funds describing the conditions in the Atlanta real estate market as the city recovers from pandemic slowdown, as well as the reasons why certain submarkets may perform better or worse as the pandemic ends. Posted on Forbes on 12/7/2021:

Due to the burgeoning Atlanta suburban real estate market for multifamily units, it presents as a safer investment opportunity. Though some areas have reached saturation point, the suburban market is still on the upswing, with many new multifamily units being constructed. I think this growth in new multifamily units has been bolstered by about 6.5% of the residents in the area having a $200,000 or greater income.

Real estate investors should carefully weigh all aspects of an investment prior to getting involved. One strong indicator that a multifamily project will have good financial and investment potential is to check if the owner-operators themselves are invested in the project. If the owner-operators are confident in exposing themselves to the investment risk, it is usually a good sign that the project has been vetted well. Not only will the investment likely be sound financially but this can also be a good sign that the property will be managed well. For example, my company always believes in investing in our projects alongside investors. Our latest projects have been located in the Atlanta suburbs because of the market’s strong performance and have been consistently surpassing pro forma projections.