Commercial Services

Tailored solutions for business owners and commercial property investors


Solutions for All Commercial Sectors and Property Types

SPENCO is bringing you leading solutions borne of innovation, expertise, and keen insights. We examine markets from coast to coast and our hard-earned experience is your ticket to commercial real estate success. Our team members utilize innovative ideas and market awareness to address the requirements of investors and businesses in today's complex and challenging real estate market. While there are countless opportunities for discerning commercial real estate investors, searching through thousands of warehouses, office, land or retail listings can be a self-defeating use of your time. We’re here to help navigate the cross-section of requirements and assets, taking your business from “idea” to “execution” with the best team in the country.


Our acquisitions associates will source, analyze, and perform the due diligence on equity investments for our clients.

Our clients are seeking the best return on their investment, and our goal is to help them achieve that value. To ensure our clients have the best information at their disposal, we can thoroughly assess each property for rent or sale against their specified underwriting criteria.



Working Together to Achieve Maximum Return on Your Investment

SPENCO guides clients through the disposition of real estate opportunities, employing industry-leading expertise together with cutting-edge technological platforms to capitalize on every transaction. Regardless of market conditions, SPENCO agents are determined to help clients realize and exceed their investment objectives.


Investor Services

Tailored Services for Large-Scale Investors

Looking to move beyond property rentals into larger investment opportunities? SPENCO gives you the edge that puts you at the forefront of the market, providing our clients with expert guidance on every investment. We work with both specialized and general portfolios, including self-storage, industrial, office, multifamily and single-family homes. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or new to the field, our agents are trained in helping you make the most of your portfolio.



Landlord Representation

Our agents work with landlords to explore leasing opportunities and implement strategies to maximize the profitability of their rental space.


Tenant Representation

SPENCO will provide you with a dedicated tenant representative familiar with your market and ready to guide you through all phases of the leasing process.

Property Types


Specialty Services

1031 Exchange

Plan ahead to identify and capitalize on 1031 exchange opportunities.


Buyers and sellers can both achieve their financial objectives through the properly-designed sale-leaseback transactions.

Opportunity Zones

We help buyers and sellers leverage this historically significant means of maximizing commercial property returns.


SPENCO and eXp Commercial offer a wide variety of property for rent or sale, including our own listings, listings sold cooperatively through other brokerages, and off-market properties.

We focus on the commercial real estate properties that offer the greatest potential return on investment. Properties are selected based on specific opportunity and cost factors, so our buyer’s representatives can match you with the prime properties to meet your commercial needs.



Working Together to Achieve Maximum Return on Your Investment

Commercial real estate continues to offer plenty of opportunities for international investors to diversify their portfolio and invest in an asset class that is known for its relative stability and consistent returns. For international investors actively seeking those opportunities, our agents are able provide a broad picture of the current real estate market or dial in on specific localities or market sectors.